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280 million displaced: a Tribunal parallel to the COP 25 will give voice to the victims. Send your cases until 13/10/2019!

Global warming, a defining issue of our time, reflected daily by the frequency of its unequal impacts around the world on vulnerable people and regions, will have significant consequences for extreme poverty by 2030.

A scientific report “Special Report on the Ocean and Cryosphere in a Changing Climate" (SROCC)  by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) , that will be published on 25/09/19, confirms that global warming due to the increase in greenhouse gas concentrations is unequivocal, and that many of the observed changes have been unprecedented for decades or even millennia: reduced snow cover and ice retreat, rising sea levels, drought, with adverse effects on agricultural and food production and increased migration from affected regions.

The report, is a bomb because, on a scientific basis, it shows that:

  • 450 million flood-prone people will be exposed to twice their frequency.
  • 280 million people will be displaced for the same reasons.

Yet the United Nations does not yet consider evictions as an indicator to be taken into account when targeting policies.

This is not a fatality. Without immediate action, respectful of human rights and environment, it will be impossible to stop these dramas, and much more difficult and costly to adapt to the future consequences of these changes.

The International Tribunal on Evictions , a popular opinion tribunal launched by the International Alliance of Inhabitants, organizing its 9th session from 3 to 5 December 2019 in Santiago de Chile, as part of the parallel forum to COP 25, will show the faces of the victims, indicate the culprits and will propose solutions.

An Organizing Committee, composed, among others, by the Sociedad Civil por la Acción Climática, TECHO Chile and UKAMAU, is already dedicated to ensure that all conditions are met to allow victims of displacement, evictions due to floods, drought, falsely environmental policies or negationist states ignoring the impact of global warming, to raise their voices and testify,


The Tribunal will select one case per continent plus two from Chile, based on a Call for  Cases  which can still be answered by completing an online form  by 13/10/2019.

Victims will be invited, at the Tribunal's expense, to testify in Santiago de Chile. An Expert Jury, chaired by the United Nations Special Rapporteur on the Right to Housing, in collaboration with a popular Jury representing the organizations of the Organizing Committee, will issue a verdict and recommendations for policies and measures to be implemented.

Do not hesitate to make your voice heard, climate change is a danger for all, all policies discriminating populations must be denounced and our mobilization together will help change them!

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