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ITE 2019 Session on climate change

Cumbre Social por la Acción Climática: Resumen de 10 días de aprendizaje en un gran evento por el clima

En el Centro Cultural Tío Lalo Parra de Cerrillos se albergó la Cumbre Social por la Acción Climática. Durante 10 días,  y en paralelo a la COP 25 que tuvo lugar en Madrid, diversas organizaciones de la sociedad civil se reunieron para generar múltiples actividades en torno a la crisis climática Y es que, a pesar de que la COP fue trasladada a Europa, la Cumbre Social por la Acción Climática nunca estuvo en duda.

Final declaration Social Climate Summit - The world has woken in face of the climate emergency - We’re now much stronger than we have ever been

The Social Climate Summit (SCS) has been an essential forum for the social response to the COP25. From the moment we were handed the undesired challenge to set up this space in record time, our commitment has been to act as a loudspeaker for the demands of communities in the Global South, particularly social movements in Latin American and Chile, whose voices certain elements wanted to silence.

The International Tribunal on Evictions denounces violations of the right to housing and land and calls for climate policies based on respect of human rights, beginning from the moratorium of evictions

This Session on Climate Change of the International Tribunal on Evictions, the 9th  since its creation in 2011 by the International Alliance of Inhabitants as part of the Zero Evictions Campaign, analysed the human rights violations specific to the right to housing and land of 8 cases from all continents, representing 280 million people around the world under threat of evictions due to climate change.

International Tribunal on Evictions, Session on Climate Change - Two Sessions in One: Santiago de Chile and Madrid

The decision to move COP 25 from Santiago de Chile to Madrid after the withdrawal of the Chilean government from massive social mobilization despite military intervention, was not only a decisive reason for the IAI, to maintain the ITE Session in Santiago de Chile with the help and commitment of the ITE Organizing Committee in Chile (FIMA, SCAC, Techo Chile, Techo International, UKAMAU, ATTAS-FRACTAL, Mesa Social by Vivienda Digna and Ciudad Justa), but even more a second session in Madrid, with the help and commitment of the Plataforma Afectados for the Hipoteca with  Ecologistas en Acción.

280 million displaced: a Tribunal parallel to the COP 25 will give voice to the victims. Send your cases until 13/10/2019!

Global warming, a defining issue of our time, reflected daily by the frequency of its unequal impacts around the world on vulnerable people and regions, will have significant consequences for extreme poverty by 2030.

They increase the temperature of the planet and evict you too! Do not keep silent: Communicate your case of eviction! BEFORE 13/10/2019!

The International Tribunal on Evictions launches an international Call to identify concrete cases of evictions from housing and land for its Session on Climate Change that will take place in the framework of parallel Forum to COP 25 (Santiago de Chile, 2-10 December 2019).