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HABITAT Participatif 2011 ForuMMEDIA Geneva 30 September, 1 and 2 October 2011

Teleconferences, City March, Visits to Inhabitants' Cooperatives, International Tribunal on Evictions, Screening of New Material, Public Debates, Concert…



salle S050 13.00 – 16.00 amphitheatre S160 at UNIMAIL 16.00 19.00, Geneva University

13.00 – 19 .00 International Tribunal on Evictions :

A public session examining the question of evictions in ten countries: the Dominican Republic, Haiti, South Africa, Switzerland, Italy, Brazil, Russia, Zimbabwe, French, United Kingdom ... A fictitious Tribunal set up to state the facts: the public is invited to attend a session where witnesses from ten countries (including Switzerland) will be heard. They will recount proven facts. Recognized international human rights and housing rights experts will hear the testimonies then draw up their conclusions in the form of recommendations that will be submitted to the UN, local and national governments, residents' organizations and the media.

18.00 Workshop: the outlook in the run-up to Rio+20 .

Which individual and collective strategies can be adopted for sustainable neighbourhoods and cities from now until the major event for a sustainable planet in June 2012?

19.00 Video conference

Sharing of citizen initiatives via video conference and screenings of new videos.


10.00 – 13.00 Peaceful inhabitants' march in the city of Geneva

Departure point: in front of the Bains des PAQUIS. Arrival and snacks: under the plane trees .

Invitation to march...

On Saturday morning, 1 October 2011, we will set off on a march round the city of Geneva. A peaceful, family march by the inhabitants we all are. We will set off from the lake and will be met at the end by two inhabitants' organizations with soft drinks, apples and music. We will take paths leading us to the Place des Nations, in front of the UN, where a group photo will be taken and we can display our messages:

Zero Evictions!... For the right to housing and the city! For governance that incorporates inhabitants! Solve the worldwide and housing crisis with participative public policies!

Because housing is not a commodity!

14.00-17.00 Confignon community centre


Presentations of eco-districts by the people driving them (Lausanne, Lyon, Tübingen) in the presence of elected representatives involved in eco-district projects, including town councillors from Geneva and Confignon.

On Saturday afternoon we will travel by public transport to the Confignon community centre. It will be the venue for a major filmed debate on the role of inhabitants in eco-districts.

We will start by listening to elected representatives and town councillors who are involved in eco-district projects (Geneva, Confignon, etc.). For some people this is a brand new experience, for others the process has been underway for some time. Actors and craftspeople from the eco-districts will then talk about the participative processes that led to the sustainable neighbourhoods they represent (Tübingen, Lausanne, Lyon). A debate will help to develop thoughts and ideas on a city that gives inhabitants a role to play.

16.30 Screening of new films….

Following a film on the Lausanne eco-district, we will find out about individual situations experienced by inhabitants from here and elsewhere, raising the issue of the individual's role in a collective habitat (Switzerland, Dominican Republic, Italy, South Africa and India).

Simultaneous translation provided.

17.00 – 19.00 Major public debate : inhabitants' role in the city; inhabitants' cooperatives in eco-districts. Method for approaching future cooperative inhabitants.

In the evening, a light meal will be provided and we we will be able to meet up at the book stand or in the video room projecting new material on the International Alliance of Inhabitants as well as housing rights actions in Geneva and Rome.

18.30 – 19.00 exchanges via Skype with BABA-YAGA; cooperative of women (Paris), Jean SIRY (Auvergne), Annie POURRE (NOVOX and Droit Au Logement)…

20.00 – 22.00 Screening of new videos :

Dakar World Social Forum and World Assembly of Inhabitants and housing rights actions.


Confignon community centre

10.00 Brunch Zero Evictions

10.00 Public reading of recommendations

On Sunday morning, 2 October, we will be able to gather together at a brunch (with real muesli!) to discuss the actions in different parts of the world that will mark the anti-evictions campaign: Zero Evictions. Also present will be the members of the International Tribunal on Evictions to share their conclusions with us before handing them over to the UN.

Official launch, in front of the cameras, of the worldwide Campaign in October 2011 :

World Days for the Right to Habitat: ZERO EVICTIONS. An International Alliance of Inhabitants' initiative.

10.00 Workshop…

Or if you prefer, you can take part in a workshop for preparing the 2012 Local World Social Forum with the FFSL (actions will be geographically far apart, but linked together thanks to the internet: future activists welcome!).

14.00 Visits to cooperatives...

The afternoon will be given over to participative inhabitants' cooperatives. You will be able to watch a video presenting all the cooperatives in the Canton of Geneva, visit participative housing in the Canton of Geneva (reservation only on ; the visit leaves from Confignon and lasts around 2 hours), or take part in a round table with cooperative inhabitants from here and elsewhere.

14.00 – 16.00 Public round table with inhabitants' cooperatives from 6 countries

Inhabitants living in cooperatives from every continent, involved in the struggle for the right to housing and against evictions, will form a round table that you are invited to attend. Simultaneous translation provided.

16.00 Video conference ….
We will also be using Skype for a public discussion with housing rights actors in Rome, and we be talking to the people preparing the 2012 Local Social Forum.

Screening of a selection of new videos: on self-builders (Rome), the IAI's actions (2011 World Social Forum and World Assembly of Inhabitants of Dakar), Urgence-Loger in Geneva, etc.

Unione Inquilini and housing rights actors.

End of broadcast with the Local Social Forum.

20.00 Concert equiLIBRE/ CircumTopo /….

A surprise concert will round of the three days of the

foruMMedia HABITAT PARTICIPATIF Geneva 2011.

The INHABITANT at the heart of the City”


All workshops, actions, conferences and debates are free and will be filmed by independent web-media. The videos will be broadcast on the internet (on and )


Friday 30 September

amphitheatre S160 at UNIMAIL (University of Geneva) (17.00 – 21.00)

Saturday 1 and Sunday 2 October

Confignon community centre. (10.00 – 22.00)

Three days focusing on the role of INHABITANTS

You will find a detailed programme on and in several languages at

Chemin de Sous-le-Clos, 32: via the Route de Chancy: 6.5 km.= 20 minutes

Bus times to get to Confignon:

bus K, 19, 2 ou S: stop Vuillonnex

bus L: stop Confignon

Cornavin station-Confignon

01.10.11 dep. 08:22 arr. 08:59 journey time: 0:37

Cornavin station -Confignon

01.10.11 dep. 13:07 arr. 13:45 journey time: 0:38

Airport G.- Confignon

01.10.11 dep. 08:21 arr. 08:59 journey time:0:38

Airport G.- Confignon

01.10.11 dep. 13:07 arr. 13:45 journey time: 0:38

Cornavin station -Confignon

02.10.11 dep. 08:25 arr. 08:58 journey time :0:33

Airport G.- Confignon

02.10.11 dep. 08:21 arr. 08:58 journey time : 0:37

Airport G.- Confignon

02.10.11 dep. 13:23 arr. 14:00 journey time :0:37

With the support of the city of Geneva, Loterie Romande, the town of Confignon, CodHa, the International Alliance of Inhabitants, Geneva inhabitants' organizations, Coop’Tour, the Foundation for the Progress of Humankind,, stand librairie Farhenheit 451

"the University of Geneva is not involved in the organization of this event”

Organized by PALC, a small cultural not-for-profit organization in Geneva in coopertaion with the International Alliance of Inhabitants.

contact during foruMMedia: 00(41) 77 485 46 33

Skype name (for teleconferencing during debates): forumedias

information and reservations: Association PALC Geneva CH. 0041(0)22 344 73 63

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