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Form "International Tribunal on Evictions”

Monday 30 September 2013 12:53:17 pm

General Information

United Kingdom
Irish Travellers

Description of case of forced evictions

1 (already taken place)
Traveller bought land moved on applied for retrospective planning permission due to a shortage of Gypsy Traveller land (Sites)in the UK
250 50 percent children
No planning permission
November 2011
Homelessness lack of access to services e.g. medical educational the land was damaged by the council during the eviction asbestos was found the land is still in disarray
The women and children where affected by loss of their education and loss of employment no access to medical treatment and loss of facilities such as water sewer and electricity
Basildon Borough Council

Support, measures taken and follow up

sì (yes: which?)
Dale Farm housing Association and Gypsy support network
Court cases planning appeals and protests
They have tried to find alternative accommodation
extra (yes: which?)
They did land searches for other Gypsy Traveller sites
Offers of bricks and mortar accommodation

Details of the person registering information

Candy Sheriden
Gypsy Traveller Support Worker
Gypsy Support Group
Dale Farm Oakshill Crays Hill Essex CM11 2

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