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Form "International Tribunal on Evictions”

Monday 30 September 2013 12:25:45 pm

General Information

United Kingdom
Roma Gypsies

Description of case of forced evictions

1 (already taken place)
We are a group of Roma Gypsies who moved onto land we owned and put in retrospective planning permission as we had nowhere else to go as there is a huge shortage of Gypsy Traveller land(sites) in the UK after several legal battles we could not obtain planning permission
29 11 of which are children
No planning permission
The eviction took place on the 21/04/2013
The damages are 7 families homeless with no access to medical or educational services no access to running water or electricity
The people most affected by this eviction as is so often the case was the women and children most of the women who occupied the site where able to obtain work for the first time in their lives which provided them with a great sense of pride and self-worth and also the ability to contribute to their family which removed a great deal of pressure from the male members of the Gypsy group who normal carry the entire burden of supporting their families. This has all now ended the women have has to give up their jobs losing the feeling of independence also causing financial strain on the families at the loss of these wages causing the women to go on state benefits the families are under great financial strain already as the costs of trying to get planning permission on the land where vast. The access to running water electricity etc. made the female members of the group much easier in maintain their household and caring for their children this also stands for the education of the children as I said most had not attended school before one of the children a four year old male couldn’t even talk when he moved on to the site attending school brought him out of shell and his speech has flourished along with his social skills and the social skills of all the other Gypsy children had vastly improved the eviction has had a negative effect on all of this progress the children have reverted back and became shy and untrusting of people outside of their own group on male child a teenager was discovered by his teacher to have a blossoming artistic talent and a sporting talent it was even felt by a teacher this child would have a chance going to the Olympics this to has all ended and the opportunity lost. The eviction has been very hard on the elderly females on of whom suffers from crippling Arthritis and she requires constant care from her family which now can’t happen and she is now staying hundreds of miles from her family completely alone on a temporary Gypsy plot which she will be required to leave in the winter months when the owners return her family as driving back and forth constantly to take care of her however she still has an overwhelming sense of isolation. There is a disabled member of the group who requires twenty four hour a day care help bathing, dressing, and cooking she also requires medical attention in the form of physiotherapy which we was receiving this has since had to cease since the eviction which causes her increased pain and sleeplessness she can no longer obtain her muscle medication as she has no access to a doctor the eviction has affected the female members of the group emotionally as most of them suffer from depression and stress one female member suffers panic attacks
Solihull Borough Council

Support, measures taken and follow up

no (no)
Several appeals planning applications and court cases
We have not been able to reduce the affects
extra (yes: which?)
Solihnull Borough Council offered bricks and mortar accommodation as an alterative
Bricks and mortar accommodation

Details of the person registering information

Senga Townsley
Merigold Co-Op
Hillside Park Eaves Green Lane Meriden Coventry CV7 7JL

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