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Form "International Tribunal on Evictions”

Monday 30 September 2013 5:47:04 am

General Information

French Saint Martin
Baie Nettle
Les Jardins de Baie Nettle
Jenkins family

Description of case of forced evictions

1 (already taken place)
Illegal lodging rented to me as a foreigner. NOT a one bedroom but a hotel studio disguised as a one bedroom NEVER repaired by the landlords. Danger of DEATH by electrocution. Lodging was condemned but in order to avoid paying us and moving us I was denied assistance of a lawyer and the CORRUPT lawyer used lies and even forged signature to make it look like I had not paid, BUT rents were not due as the place was condemned as dangerous. The Collectivite of St Martin and the social workers never did what they were supposed to do.. MOVE us to a safe housing. I applied for social housing but never received any replies as I am a foreigner. TWO innocent children are the VICTIMS in this case where not even the Minister of Justice, The Minister of Logement did what they should have. I contacted everywhere but as the landlords are two corrupt French notaries with all the connections I was left alone in the courts with all my photos,cheques cashed by the landlords but where lies were used to totally discredit me. Finally 12 July 2011 I spent 4 1/2 hours filing a complaint against the landlords for leaving us in danger. The gendarme who never showed his ID and he was in Tshirt and jeans gave an appointments for 10h00 13 July 2011 to come to take photos of all the criminal acts. However instead at 08h00 three gendarmes with hands on guns and NO MANDAT came to violently evict us.
3 ( one single mother plus two children)
Corruption in every way both official and unofficial. I have all the proof from the top to the bottom. The proof in a cover up as well now where all the complaints I have made have never been transmitted to the prosecution. A COVER UP to protect a notary who is renting illegal logements and even where the Health department reports vanished and a false letter was created to cover up all they did.
I am an Australian legal resident exposing the ILLEGAL VIOLENT EVICTION AND ROBBERY.ILLEGAL logement. NOT a one bedroom but a studio. Court judgments confirming that and ordered an expert. He/she refused to come March 2008 yet the inslaubrite reports were done in January 2006. They vanished. The expert finally came 23 may 2009 and told me to be careful with the electricity and my children! BUT the JUDGE did nothing! Another report as done in 2009 by the Health department. Sent to the prefecture in Guadeloupe and on St martin and NOTHING was done. They left two FRENCH minor children in the danger of death by electrocution and with no flushing toilet and MOULD on the walls. A disgusting illegal logement BUT as I am foreigner they used every fraude possible to cover it all up even at the prosecutor's office where they received the photos and the reports. BUt nothing happened. 12 July 2011 finally a complaint was filed in 4 1/2 hours against the landlords. BUT even though that same day the Prefecture told us and the detective told us THREE times that we would not be evicted but be MOVED TO A SAFER SECURE ,LOGEMENT AS WE COULD NOT STAY WHERE WE WERE IT WAS TOO DANGEROUS. They LIED to us. He gave an appointment for 13 July 2011 at 10 am to take photos. BUT instead 08h00 three gendarmes and a huissier and a locksmith came shoved me out of the way and burst inside like we were terrorists Evicted BRUTALLY with NO logement NO Passports and NO affaires. TWO years we were dumped in a hotek room . Discrimination and fraude were used even forged signatures. 06 September 2011 the JUDGE declared that there was no eviction but as I told him we had already been evicted he told me he knew and on our behalf had contacted SEMSAMER Mr Jasaron who was obliged to get us a logement THEY NEVER DID. 16 February 2012 the huissiers and the landlords sent 4 men with a truck to steal all our valuables and empty all our belongings. ILLEGALLY and the French gendarmes refused to take my complaints and threw insults at me instead,. August 2012 the judge told me to file a complaint against the landlords. I did but the prosecutor used my complaint with lies and translating my English using a Spanish woman accused ME of insulting the gendarmes. 05 November 2013 the same judge and prosecutor told me they will judge me and without a lawyer as I am too difficult. I told the judge in the court that it was him who told me it was an illegal eviction and to file a complaint as it was a ROBBERY> He glared at me and laughed at me with the prosecutor and said. Go put it on Facebook. This case is extreme corruption because
So difficult to say. One million euros would not suffice for the trauma and psychological damage done to us. I have heart disease as I am 61 and require surgery. High blood pressure caused by the stress has damaged my heart along with kidney infection and failure. My children have been severely traumatised with 3 absences from school. my eldest daughter failed her exams Baccalaureat after always being first or second in the class all her school life,.She has missed her place at university. Damages? And NOONE on the island of St Martin cares one bit about two children. The victimes of FRAUDE and corruption used to illegally evict us. Worse is the total cover up by the gendarmes who had NO AUTHORITY TO DO SO.
Traumatised and psychologically damaged children. Their school results have suffered severely where one child failed her exams had to repeat the exams and lost her place at university. She now is a 17 year old at home with no work and has to find a job rather than continue her studies in France Like all her friends. the other child had 34 absences from school, has a terrible anger and both are depressed. I am also sick with heart disease but also we have been denied our rights to have the assistance of a lawyer and only in April 2013 did we finally receive a lodgment after TWO years in a hotel room I need to have heart valve surgery.
Who knows as it was all illegal with no document and NO ORDER at the courthouse. It was a corruption. Confirmed by the Judge Execution in the courthouse when he told me the PV written inside the apartment was NULL and invalide. BUT the Prefet wrote he had no time to assist. The marshalls had already used FOUR forged signatures but the Health department, the Secretary D'Etat du Logement also replied to me but the prefecture and the prefet of St Martin ignored it all as the landlords are two French notaries and I never had a valid contract nor receipts.

Support, measures taken and follow up

no (no)
I tried via everywhere without any assistance. United Nations. European Court of Human Rights refused to assist. Only one person Mme RAMOS from Brazil tried to assist us. The United Nations New York office never replied.
Contacts worldwide and at the judicial system here BUT denied the assistance of a lawyer and left in a mountain of French decisions without appropriate assistance.
EVERYTHING but not even the President of France Mr Holland replies. The Courthouse have refused to reply. The Legal aide office has refused to give us a lawyer. A lawyer I did visit and with a witness 17 September 2011 took my orignal documents and now refuses to return them and has lied he never tookd them BUT I have the witness who was with me and has signed an attestation. The Tribunal refuses to reply. The Court of Appeal refused to reply. The Highest Court in France Cour de Cassation wrote I have the RIGHTS to have a lawyer and an appeal. The gendarmes refused to take my complaints and finally when they did the reports were never transmitted. I resorted to exposure and as I did now with more lies and falsification of the proofs and to cover it all up, they have tried to convict me for exposing the corruption.
no (no)
NOTHING. A false letter to cover up all that was done was mailed FOUR days after the eviction claiming that in April 2012 an offer of logment was made. There was NEVER any offer and there had to be a registered letter sent if there was an offer. Its just another proof of the corruption and the cover up as I am not French, My children are French but they have been totally abandoned by the social services as well as the justice,
NOTHING. its all a cover up as they do bnt like foreigners who expose the corruption here in the administrations,
It has already been done and NOT ONE person in the justice has assisted us. The gendarmes told me I am on their black list. I have contacted the Minister of Justice, the Minister of Logement, The Minister of Interieur and my Prime Minister of Australia. NO ONE cares the VICTIMS are two innnocent FRENCH MINOR CHILDREN

Details of the person registering information

Pamela Jenkins
Person evicted with my children
Residence Les Lianes #315 Concordia
Saint Martin
Pamela Jenkins

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