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International Call for Cases of Evictions due to the Tourism: New Deadline 31/07/2017!

Do Not Keep Silent: Communicate Your Case of Eviction! New deadline: 31/07/2017! International Tribunal on EvictionsSession on Tourism (Venice, 28-30 September 2017)To submit a case, complete the form

Do not keep silent: Communicate your case of eviction!

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Call TIE 2014

INTERNATIONAL CALL ON CASE OF EVICTION  Communicate your case of eviction!    International Tribunal on Evictions 2014 The International Tribunal on Evictions launches an international Call to identify cases of evictions for its fourth Session that will take place October 9th to 10th, 2014 in Milan, Italy, within the World Zero Evictions Days –  in Defence of Land.This Session has two focal points: the violations of the Right to Housing provoked by the European Union's austerity policies, and those that determines the failure of the Millennium Development Goal No.7 ( to improve the living conditions of at least 100 million inhabitants ).